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1. General

The information given herein is based on reliable sources. However, no guarantee is given regarding accuracy, completeness or timeliness of such information coming from external sources, neither of the general financial information nor the quotes. The quote information the bank provides is merely indicative and will in no way be binding when it comes to the counter value of financial instruments.

Clients must take into account the risks associated with dealing in financial instruments.
The value of an investment can fluctuate sharply. Previously obtained results are no guarantee for future results.

It is the client's responsibility to gather all useful information in order to reach a well-considered decision in knowledge of the facts. This decision is taken by the client in an autonomous manner.

The bank will not accept responsibility for any damage caused by using the information available on our website or websites that are referred to.

2. Price Differences

The client must be aware of the possible price fluctuations between the time of the quotation and the time of the actual execution of the order.

3. Terms and Conditions applicable to Information Providers

a) General terms and conditions applicable to all information providers:

  • The Bank declares that none of its information providers acts as sponsor for the Bank or for the provision of its services.
  • The information providers declare they are not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies or short-comings in the information supplied by them, nor for any action that might be taken on the basis of such.
  • The information provider has the right to terminate the provision of information to the client at any time without being held liable for this.
  • The client accepts that the provision of information is subject to the conditions of contracts concluded between Bank Delen and the information providers and that the termination of such contracts necessarily results in termination of the provision of information.
b) Specific terms and conditions with regard to information providers


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