Our charges in question and answer

The applicable charges for the various services of Delen Private Bank Luxembourg are indicated in question and answer.

This schedule of charges is a legal obligation. It lists all the charges for a service that is debited directly to your account. These may be charges for investment services, accounts and payments, loans or other services, or taxes.

We distinguish two types of costs:

  • Costs for investment services are costs associated with an investment service provided by Delen Private Bank Luxembourg. These costs are settled directly on your account.
  • Product costs are the costs charged within a financial instrument. They are incorporated into the price and return of the investment instrument on a daily basis.

If you invest 100% through the Delen Private Bank Luxembourg Strategy (i.e. 100% in our house funds), you only pay product costs. 85% of our clients opt for a discretionary asset management agreement and follow the Delen Private Bank Strategy to invest in our in-house funds. The costs for investment services are not relevant to your portfolio in that case. If you have other investments in your portfolio in addition to our Delen Private Bank Luxembourg Strategy, investment service charges will apply.

The charges will take effect from 1 July 2021.

This list of charges is not an offer and does not constitute an obligation for Delen Suisse to carry out transactions. This list is indicative. Exceptions are always subject to special agreements and are justified either by the importance of the transactions or by the existence of an exceptional situation.