Investing in funds

Capfi Delen Asset Management 

Cadelam manages the UCIs (‘undertakings for collective investment’, or investment funds) which are mainly promoted by Delen Private Bank. Cadelam is a small, independent management company whose independence is your best guarantee of objective investment decisions.

The service includes both the financial and the administrative management of the UCIs.

A team of accountants and specialists deals with all the various aspects of the UCIs’ accounts, while portfolio managers and analysts take the funds’ investment decisions. Thanks to their painstaking analyses of individual companies, sectors and markets, the latter can respond swiftly to market opportunities and long-term trends. Their investment philosophyis a combination of prudence and proactiveness.

More information is available on the Cadelam website (available in Dutch and in French) and in section Cadelam - Fonds for Key Investor Information (KID) of our Belgian funds.


CADELUX S.A. provides portfolio management and administration of all Luxembourg UCITS that the Delen Group offers to its clients.

With regard to portfolio management , CADELUX S.A. applies to each sub- investment an investment appoach adapted to the strategy that it has defined . It relies on fundamental analysis called "bottom up", it combines with a descending macroeconomic vision "top down", eventually a more refined technical analysis.

In addition to the portfolio management CADELUX S.A. administers its funds , the service mainly includes bookkeeping , calculation of net asset values (NAV) , the control of regulatory compliance , the register of shareholders and the issue and redemption of shares.

CADELUX S.A. manages sicavs enjoying special expertise in asset management. These products not only provide additional diversification , but also provide access to markets that are generally less open to the individual investor.

More information is available on the Cadelux website and in section Funds for Key Investor Information (KIID) of our Luxemburgish funds.