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Estate Planning scores a big win

19 March 2018 | Corporate

In early February, Delen Private Bank’s Estate Planning, also known as inheritance succession planning or asset planning, swept up first place in the 2018 Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey for the ‘Succession Planning Advice and Trusts Belgium’ category. Steven Osaer and Liesbeth Stevens, both Head of Estate Planning, are delighted, while at the same time not too terribly surprised. “We are a pioneer in this area.”

The department was founded in 1995 further to customer demand for assistance in transferring assets to future generations.

An integrated and personal plan

“Here at Estate Planning, the structural screening and planning of global assets - both movable and immovable - is central,” Steven Osaer explains. “Our estate planners integrate the various financial, legal, tax and personal elements into a single unified plan. Using simulations, we develop an integrated asset and inheritance plan, meaning that the customer is able to make decisions with the necessary knowledge.”

Always on the lookout for legal and tax developments

A team of legal and tax experts keeps a close eye on recent tax and legal developments and fine tunes the plan where necessary.

The legal experts have a particular focus on marriage and property law, inheritance tax, gift tax, the use and transfer of a family business and the development of control structures (including, among others, civil partnerships and foundations).

“A team of legal and tax experts keeps a close eye on recent tax and legal developments and fine tunes the plan where necessary.”

The tax experts provide first-line advice on a variety of tax topics: the structuring of your movable and immovable property - whether or not via a company, recent developments in direct taxation and the tax treatment of investments for private individuals and companies.

“Ultimately, Estate Planning is about peace of mind,” Liesbeth Stevens says with confidence. “It is precisely for this reason that we offer our clients clear, legally-secure solutions, and not a high-tech tax solution. A sustainable approach pays off, and that includes foralso in Estate Planning. With this award we feel encouraged to continue down the path  we’ve chosen.”

This is how Delen Private Bank makes a difference

  • a single integrated plan
  • clear and legally-secure solutions customised to your needs
  • a team of lawyers and tax experts
  • personal follow-up by a lawyer in your area
  • knowledge and experience since 1995
  • in cooperation with your other advisers (notary, lawyer, accountant, etc.)
Luxembourg - (English)
Luxembourg - (French) Luxembourg - (Dutch) Luxembourg - (English) Belgium - (Dutch) Belgium - (French)