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Delen Family Services

Overview. Analysis. Planning.

The power of a well-considerd planning

Do you need a dashboard that monitors your financial affairs? One that clearly maps out all the financial aspects of your personal and business story, and that adapts to every change? Delen Family Services helps you every step of the way. From an orderly digital archive for your documents to a detailed analysis of your current situation to a plan for your financial future.

Give yourself peace of mind

Delen Family Services helps you put your affairs in order. The result? Insight into your financial situation today, a look at the evolution over time, and to-the-point proposals to further optimise your financial future.


Your documents safe and orderly

No more paperwork, scattered all over the place. From now on, you will have your documents neatly arranged in your digital archive, always at hand and discreetly stored in the bank's secure IT systems. You scan and upload them yourself via your Delen app, or you leave that to your relationship manager.


Mapping of your family and companies

Create a tree of your family members and your companies. That’s how you link your personal and business life to your financial situation. You allocate the property rights in detail to each person, for each asset component.

Delen Family Services gives you access to the many years of our expertise in asset management and succession planning, bundled in one powerful solution.
Jacques Delen – president of the Board of Directors

Your total assets in a clear overview

Get a clear synthesis of all your asset components: your portfolio, family home, second home, portfolio, equity stakes, art, insurance, and so on.


Your financial planning

Analyse how your financial situation is today, and see how it will evolve over time. What is the impact of marriage, your pension, the purchase of a second home, a donation, your group insurance paid out?


Your view on tomorrow's possibilities

Consider what you can do today to further improve your financial future. What donation options are available? What inheritance tax can you expect? Our Estate Planning lawyers and tax specialists will help you make the right choices that lead to a personal succession plan.

Delen Family Services is a solution for all our customers. It is not just a technical gadget.
Philippe Havaux

Via the app or at the Delen office

Do you prefer to put your financial administration in order yourself, at home? With the Delen app you can scan and upload your documents safely and neatly to your digital archive. No app yet?

Would you like us to take care of it? No problem, we will scan your documents for you.

Why Delen Family Services?

  • All important documents are safely arranged in one central place.
  • Your planning is always up-to-date and flexible for every change.
  • You receive one coherent set of services, thanks to the 'single source of truth' of Delen Family Services.