Why Delen Luxembourg?

Luxembourg and Delen Private Bank Luxembourg SA

The advantages of Luxembourg

A stable tax system and a clear regulatory framework offer investors a safe environment. Luxembourg is a pioneer in investor protection and this goes hand in hand with clear rules that meet the strictest European requirements.

Luxembourg is one of the world’s leading financial centres and the largest investment fund centre in Europe. Private Banking is one of the leading activities in the Luxembourg financial world.

The country’s economy is growing at a steady pace. Unemployment is under control and the state budgets are balanced. This is not only due to a growing economy, but also to the pragmatic and business-oriented approach of the authorities.

The strength of Luxembourg is also confirmed by its AAA rating from the various rating agencies.

The strength of Delen Private Bank Luxembourg SA

Delen Private Bank Luxembourg offers its services within this framework. On the one hand, these fit perfectly within the Delen Group portfolio, where the management of your portfolio is ensured through discretionary asset management. This discretionary asset management is tailored to the specific financial objectives, expectations and risk profile of the client, with balanced growth as goal.

On the other hand, Delen Private Bank Luxembourg can also assist its clients in their inheritance succession planning. Our legal experts have a good knowledge of Luxembourg solutions (such as patrimonial solutions and life insurance contracts), as well as an extensive network that enables them to handle international and more complex situations.

Through all this, Delen Private Bank Luxembourg can not only help Luxembourg clients but also offer investors with an international profile a good and personalized service.

The bond between Delen Private Bank Belgium and Delen Private Bank Luxembourg is strong. This has to do with the similar approach they prioritize: a personal and family-based focus, a long-term perspective, transparent communication and prudent management. These values form the DNA of Delen Private Bank, as well as the leitmotif through the portfolio management, Estate Planning and fund management of the Luxembourg headquarters.

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