Delen Suisse and your company

Business owners can also rely on Delen Suisse for responsible wealth management. Whether you are interested in investing tax-efficiently, have questions concerning the planning or transfer of your company or are looking for legal and tax advice – our dedicated team has got you covered.

Tax-efficient investing

Put your company assets to work through our expertise in wealth management. Delen Suisse’s DRD fund (dividend received deduction) allows you to invest in a tax-efficient way. If your company invests in one of our DRD funds, the capital gains and dividends on the shares are almost entirely exempt from corporate tax. Thus offering an advantageous solution for money that is set aside for your liquidation reserve, for example.

If your company has a liquidation reserve, then the reserved capital is released again after a five-year period. The amount that is then transferred to your personal assets, can subsequently be optimised through discretionary asset management. By this means, our financial experts manage your assets on your behalf, taking into account your personal investment profile.


Delen Family Services

Delen Family Services connects your private and professional wealth. Through a family tree your assets, family and businesses are carefully mapped out. This way, you gain insight in the property rights and succession duties. Thanks to a detailed overview of your total wealth, you can make well-informed decisions concerning your financial planning and evaluate if your financial goals are feasible in the long term.

Clear-cut simulations allow you to gain understanding about how your retirement, an important investment or the transfer of your company impacts your wealth. Finally, our Estate Planning team analyses which actions to take to strengthen your assets in the future.

Legal and tax advice


Our Estate Planning team specialises in the legal and tax aspects of running a business, as well as the follow-up and transfer of your company. In addition to general topics concerning marital assets, inheritance law and inheritance & gift tax, our legal and tax experts advise you about:

  • the fiscal aspects of the succession or take-over of your family business or company
  • the structuring of your movable and immovable assets via companies
  • corporate taxation

Want to know more?

Put your company’s liquidation reserve to work through the tax-friendly DRD fund. Ask your relationship manager about it.