Institutional management

Asset management tailored to your organisation’s needs

Your organisation's portfolio is managed in line with your investment objectives and specific investment instructions. Prudent, sustainable and centralised asset management are the cornerstones of our service.


We will be happy to help you define realistic return objectives, your risk profile and any investment restrictions. These form the basis for an investment proposal taking account both of your specific requirements and of our own view of the market.

The portfolio is managed in close collaboration with Cadelam, the Delen group’s independent management company. Every day, our investment managers assess the returns against the market trend, carefully examine detailed risk statistics and produce a cost-benefit analysis.


Delen Private Bank pursues a sustainable investment policy based on a combination of the following elements:

  • Exclusion: extremely strict exclusion lists filter out controversial companies
  • Integration: ESG (environmental, social and governance) parameters are integrated into the investment process
  • Impact investing: a niche fund focuses on sustainable companies in areas such as environmental technology, organic food and energy storage

Delen Private Bank endorses the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Centralised discretionary asset management

Centralised discretionary asset management means opting for convenience and peace of mind. You entrust the management of your portfolio to a team of specialists who keep close track of the markets, day in, day out. This generates a range of benefits:

  • Careful risk management
  • Constant monitoring of the composition of the portfolio and the returns
  • Highly diversified portfolios in terms of asset class, region, theme and sector
  • An attractive cost profile thanks to economies of scale
  • Consistent portfolio selection