Log in without a digipass via itsme®, your digital ID.

Do you use your digipass to log in to the Delen app and Delen Online? There's no need! With the itsme® app, you can simply log in with your smartphone. Just enter the 5 digits of your itsme® code and you're done. Secure, easy, and fast.

Security is paramount

Is it secure? Absolutely! Itsme® strictly complies with the European rules and regulations (GDPR), so you can rest assured that your data are fully protected. Your digital identity can only be used on your smartphone, with your personal number and your own itsme® app. This combination is unique. Plus, you retain full control over which data you do, and don't want to share.

Download the app

Download the itsme® app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you're having any trouble, watch the explainer videos below for help with installing the app.

How do I log in to Delen Online and the Delen app via itsme®? 

Video's are in Dutch, click here for the French version