Our values

“The bank’s values are our compass in everything we do”, says René Havaux, CEO of Delen Private Bank. We have five: prudence, sustainability, personal contact, a family touch, and efficiency. They form the character of the bank. They guide our mission, strategy and philosophy. That’s how we make the difference. Here are five quotes for the five values we firmly believe in.


Our mission is to protect, plan and grow your assets sustainably. This implies an open, alert and risk-aware view of the long term. The result? Financial peace of mind, now and in the future.


The story of your assets takes a long-term perspective. Indeed, long-term financial returns go hand in hand with respect for people and the environment. Equally, it is underpinned with legally accurate solutions for financial planning.

Personal contact

We offer wealth management with a personal face. Your relationship manager ensures an individual, accessible and discreet approach. In a setting where you feel at home. That is the basis for every confidential conversation.

Family touch

Inspired by the core values of the Delen family, the bank has pursued its own course as an independent asset manager since 1936. Today the bank is part of the strategic participations of the Ackermans & van Haaren group.


Digital solutions such as the Delen app and Delen Family Services are the way to serve you even better: more comfortable, safer and faster. But it’s up to you whether you make use of them – your personal relationship manager is there for you too.

The bank's values are our compass
in everything we do.
René Havaux – CEO