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Curious about the new Inspired?

This third edition of our magazine treats you to various unique stories. From the remarkable vision of Belgian artists to hidden gems at Luxembourg and the driving force behind the Mosa Ballet School. Discover a new world on every page.


Delen Private Bank and your company

As an entrepreneur, you take on challenges and achieve your financial goals. What do you do with the capital in your company? Have you already thought about tax-friendly investments? Discover the possibilities of, amongst others, the Definitively Taxed Income (DBI) and the liquidation reserve.

This is what our customers say

"My account manager proactively contacted me during the lockdown to reassure me and explain the situation on the markets. This human approach and relationship of trust is very valuable, especially in such circumstances."
"We received excellent advice on Estate Planning. The explanation was clear, and we felt well surrounded, from the conception to implementing the various actions to be taken."
"Good communication at the right time and through the right medium: a video conference with my relationship manager, a webinar on various topics, videos about the market. It is always fun and interesting!"

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